Making Your Outdoor Space a Must Have for Buyers
September 14, 2015
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Home Staging Tips

Stage Your Home to Sell

As you’re preparing to sell your home, keep in mind that the home staging process is extremely important. Having potential buyers visit your home and get a feel for the space can be the deciding factor for them. Do your best to prepare your home and make every space welcoming to the buyers. Prestige Title of Brevard, LLC in Melbourne can help you stage your home with some basic tips.

Remove the Clutter

As you begin to prepare your home, start by removing clutter. Too much furniture in any room will make the space look smaller than it actually is. Remove unnecessary furniture and consider renting a space to store it for the time being. Clear your countertops and tables by storing items in cupboards or at an offsite storage space. Things like piled up mail or work documents should be put away because they can make your home look cluttered and messy. Remember to store personal items, such as family photos and trophies, since these will not help potential buyers picture themselves living in the home.

Clean Your Home

Once you have removed unnecessary items and decluttered your home, start cleaning. If you have carpeting in your home, consider getting a professional carpet cleaning. Your carpets should look clean and smell fresh. Clean your windows in order to give you home an extra shimmer from the inside and the outside. Having clean windows will also allow you to let some natural light into the home and make it more cozy. Spot clean your walls and remove any scuff marks or stains that have accumulated. Finally, keep the bathroom and kitchen clean and free of lingering odors.

Create Inviting Spaces

Whether your home is big or small, creating inviting spaces will create a more homey feeling. Rearrange your furniture if necessary in order to achieve welcoming spaces potential buyers can picture themselves in. If you have a small outdoor space, you can turn it into a quaint breakfast nook or a cozy reading space. A larger yard can be turned into a fun barbecue area.

Title Insurance in Melbourne

Navigating the real estate world can be quite confusing, especially for first time home buyer and sellers. For any title insurance questions or needs you may have, contact Prestige Title of Brevard, LLC in Melbourne at (321) 242- 7660.

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