How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

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July 17, 2015
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September 14, 2015
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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for a Home Inspection

If you’re trying to sell your home, it is very likely that potential buyers will send a professional home inspector to thoroughly analyze your home before making the sale final. A home inspection can be stressful because it can affect the price of the home and can even cause the potential buyers to lose interest. In order to make sure your home inspection goes well, Prestige Title of Brevard, LLC in Melbourne has some tips to help you prepare.

Take Care of Easy Repairs

If you notice a problem in your home that needs to be repaired, do it before the inspection. Easy repairs, such as leaky pipes or a hole in the wall, can become do-it-yourself projects. However, it is important that you make sure they’re done right. Get rid of any indicators that there was a problem, such as removing water stains where there was a leaky pipe. Make sure your repairs are permanent, otherwise the inspector will take note of your faulty repairs.

Clean Your Home

Before the inspector shows up, make sure you home is spotless. If your home doesn’t look well taken care of, it can cause issues with the potential buyers. Give your home a deep cleaning and make sure to dust and clean areas that aren’t part of your daily or weekly cleaning routine. Replace air filters in your HVAC system, and get rid of any unpleasant odors. It is also important that you get rid of any bugs that might be crawling around your home.

Make it Accessible

Make sure all spaces in your home are accessible to the home inspector. A professional cannot complete the job if areas of your home aren’t open for inspection. You shouldn’t try to hide any issues from the inspector. Remember that if you deny the inspector access to an area of your home, they will become suspicious along with the potential buyers.

Title Insurance in Melbourne, FL

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