Our Team

Tiffany Fortenberry

Owner / Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Cashier at Winn Dixie
Favorite Movie: We Bought A Zoo
Hobbies: Spending time with my family and being a youth leader at Church of Viera
Pets: Three dogs – Bear, Marley, and Jazz
Favorite Compliment Received: Compliments about my generosity and hospitality
Introvert or an extrovert: Extrovert – I love people 😊
Something I’m proud of: My two daughters and the team at Prestige Title who work hard to help the business run efficiently
Favorite smell: Coffee in the morning!!!
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite music album: I don’t really have a favorite album per se’ but Hillsong United and Elevation Worship are two of my favorite groups
My perfect day: When absolutely nothing goes wrong, and everything falls into place

Shawn Fortenberry

Owner / Marketing Director

First Job: Bagger at Publix
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Pets: 3 dogs
Hidden talents or hobbies: Drums
Best compliment I’ve ever received: “You are a great dad”.
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Something I’m proud of: My family (home and work)
Favorite Smell: Sauteed onions and garlics
Favorite Sports Team: Florida State Seminoles
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Album: Hard to pick one. Beatles white album, Rush Moving pictures, Van Halen 1984, Pantera mouth for war
My Perfect Day: Tropical day with my family in the Cayman Islands

Tonya Bader

Co-Owner / Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Waitress in the dining room at The Fountains of Melbourne which was an assisted living facility
Favorite Movie: So many great classics – Pretty in Pink has been an all-time favorite and behind that falls Remember the Titans
Hobbies: Shopping at Bath and Body Works 😉 and going to concerts. I love a good concert with great company alongside me!
Pets: We have a 500 gallon saltwater tank full of fish!
Favorite received compliment: I am an old soul and I have pretty eyes
Introvert or Extrovert: I like to consider myself in the middle. I have my close circle of friends and family I mainly like to surround myself with, but I also am outgoing in certain environments
Something I’m Proud of: The success of our company Prestige Title and to look at how far it has come with the hard work that was put into it by all.
Favorite Smell: Eucalyptus and Balsam (but not together)
Favorite Sports Team: I only get into college football. It’s great to be a Florida Gator!
Favorite Holiday: Halloween and Christmas are big in our family. I can’t choose between the two
Favorite Music Album: This is too tough to answer. I grew up on all types of genres of music and to this day I listen to it all. I favor listening to country music but there are just so many great albums out there. Good music touches my soul!
My Perfect Day: Might sound cheesy but any day that I get to hang around the people I love whom contribute to laughter, smiling and good times is a great day in my book. We could be sitting around doing nothing or we could be cruising the big ocean.. anywhere we are, it’s a good day when happy memories are being made.

Cindy Nienajadlo

Closing Manager/Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Dunkin Donuts
Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
Hidden Talent: I can play piano
Hobbies: I love watching sports live and on TV, I enjoy volunteering w/ the PEO sisterhood (woman empowering women)
Pets: Turtle, a yellow-bellied slider to be exact
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Something I’m proud of: Two things I am most proud of, MY BOYS
Favorite smell: Cinnamon
Favorite Sports Team: Da Bears, Blackhawks, but of course the Florida Gators
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Music Album: Led Zeppelin 4
My Perfect Day: Spending time laughing and hanging out with my husband and my two sons – Enjoying some good food helps too!

Jeremy Rannings

Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Kmart – stocking shelves
Favorite Movie: Probably Breakfast Club
Hidden Talent: Drinking beer….It’s not hidden 😊
Pets: One dog, husky, named Kobi
Something I’m proud of: My son
Favorite smell: Peppermint and Eucalyptus
Favorite Sports Team: Married to any team Boston or New England related.
Favorite Holiday: Memorial Day
Favorite Music Album: Way too many and no favorites. I listen to everything.
My Perfect Day: At the beach relaxing or spending time with my family.

Nina Williams

Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Cashier
Favorite Movie: Too many to name
Pets: 4 dogs – Noah, Brandy, Rayna, and Kylo (our working K9)
Favorite compliment: – I remind people of my mother, same work ethic
Something I’m proud of: Getting my title insurance license.
Favorite smell: Yankee Candle – Starfruit and Moonlight
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Album: No idea, I listen to a little bit of everything.
My Perfect Day: Cruise embarkment day!

Krisi Ferguson

Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Waitress at Quincey at age 15
Favorite Movie: Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat Pray Love
Hidden Talent: Cooking
Pets: Cats (Winston “Win-Win” and Ferguson “Fergie”) Dogs (Dusty and Emmy)
Favorite compliment: That I’m professional yet kind and caring.
Something I’m proud of: My children.
Favorite smell: Homemade apple pie.
Favorite Sports Team: UCF
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Music Album: Anything by Aerosmith
My Perfect Day: At the beach relaxing or spending time with my family.

Tammy Duguay

Closing Agent

First Job: Sonny’s BBQ
Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers and Legends of the Fall
Hidden Talent/Hobbies: I am a new crafter at 51 – I have been dabbling in making gifts instead of buying them.
Pets: Dog – Gucci / three turtles
Best compliment I’ve ever received: That my personality sold a customer on using our company.
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert – I am a talker
Something I’m Proud of: My children.
Favorite Smell: Fresh cut grass or vanilla
Favorite Sports Team: My favorite teams are the ones my son is on.
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Music Album: The Eagles, Chris Stapleton, Gloria Gaynor reminds me of cleaning with my mom when I was growing up. Every Saturday when I heard the “I will survive” song, I knew what time it was!
My Perfect Day: On the boat with my family.

Tina Siau

Title Agent

First Job: Secretary for a private investigator
Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama (1 of them)
Pets: 2 dogs (Mitzy and Mia)
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert (I guess)
Something I’m Proud of: My children
Favorite Smell: Cinnamon
Favorite Sports Team: I keep up with Clemson Tigers during football season
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Album: I listen to all different types of music, so I don’t really have a favorite
My Perfect Day: Any day spent hanging out with family and friends

Teresa Roberts

Licensed Title Agent

First Job: Lerner’s in the mall.
Favorite movie: Tropic Thunder
Pets: 2 cats – Marley and Spaz
Favorite Compliment: Most prepared Mom
Something I’m Proud of: My daughter, Morgan.
Favorite Smell: Cinnamon
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Music Album: Toys in the Attic
My Perfect Day: No chores lol!

Brian Magley

Signing Agent

First Job: Citrus Farm (135 degree greenhouses)
Favorite Movie: Jaws 1 & 2 (not 3 & 4)
Pets: Batman the French Bulldog
Favorite compliment: “You have beautiful eyes”. Now I’m married to her.
Something I’m proud of: My 9 year old son and his accomplishments in life.
Favorite smell: Fresh cut grass in the rain
Favorite Sports Team: Florida Gators and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers all day, every day. Of course I can’t leave out my sons 8U Pop Warner Viera Hawks Football Team. “GO HAWKS”
Favorite Holiday: It has to be Christmas; although, Thanksgiving is a close second.
Favorite Music Album: My Pandora account on shuffle.
My Perfect Day: Every day above ground is a good day. The perfect day is spent with family and friends and NO DRAMA!!!!

Sarah Long

Title Processor

First Job: Server at Red Lobster
Favorite Movie: The Lost Boys
Hidden Talent: I play flute and piccolo, I love to ski, and I’m not a half bad photographer
Pets: Hazel (dog) and Mya (cat)
Favorite compliment: Whenever someone tells me that Theo (my son) is the best thing ever, which is regularly.
Introvert or Extrovert: I can be both, but I’m more comfortable as as Introvert
Something I’m proud of: My little man, Theo.
Favorite smell: Cinnamon & Clove
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Sports Team: KC Chiefs, Kansas Jayhawks, KC Royals
Favorite Music Album: As Daylight Dies – Killswitch Engage
My Perfect Day: A calm snowy day in Breckenridge, CO

Melissa Krupczak

Title Processor

First Job: Cashier/Stock girl @ Best’s Fruit Farm in New Jersey
Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands
Hidden Talent: I love crafting any and all things
Pets: 1 silly goose Corgi pup named Willow ❤
Favorite Received Compliment: From my mom when I was in 9th grade – “If I had your strength when I was your age, I would have been unstoppable.”
Introvert or Extrovert: I am a bit of both. I can be reserved at first until I get to know someone 😊
Something I’m Proud of: The accomplishments of those close to my heart!
Favorite Smell: The smell of my Mom & Grandparent’s homes… if comfort was a smell, it’s their homes!
Favorite Holiday: Christmas! Christmas is a close 2nd
Favorite Music Album: Aerosmith Big Ones
My Perfect Day: Sleeping in, snuggling with my hubby and Wi, followed by coffee, running errands with my Gram, Mom or girlfriends OR a Crafternoon with my girl Ann, Carrabba’s Johnny Rocco salad to-go for dinner (chicken parm for my hubby), a glass of wine and a movie night with my Love and Wi ❤

Myanell Enriquez

Title Processor

First Job: Publix Cashier
Favorite Movie: Grease
Pets: 2 Cats – Storn & Nala
Favorite compliment: That I’m very smart.
Something I’m proud of: My children
Favorite smell: Beach/Ocean
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Sports Team: Cowboys, FSU, Braves
Favorite Music Album: Menudo
My Perfect Day: By the pool with a drink and a book.

Jennifer Whitten

Title Processor

First Job: Working in the Melbourne Mall at Contempo Casuals clothing store
Favorite Movie: Steel Magnolias or Pretty Woman
Hobbies/Hidden Talent: Dancing and Karaoke Queen LOL
Pets: Two sweet cats
Favorite Received Compliment: That I was genuine
Introvert or Extrovert: A mix definitely! I can be very outgoing, but I need my downtime after lots of interaction 😊
Something I’m Proud of: My daughter
Favorite Smell: Citrus scents
Favorite Sports Team: Miami Dolphins Baby!
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Music Album: Phil Collins, Hits
My Perfect Day: Any day I get to spend with my family that is low-key and relaxing

Andrea Hayes

Title Processor

First Job: McDonald’s – Free cheeseburgers
Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids
Hidden Talent: I can play drums
Favorite compliment received: I’m really blunt and authentic
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert
Something I’m Proud of: My nieces
Favorite Smell: Cinnabon
Favorite Holiday: time with the family
Favorite Music Album: Eric Church, all of them
My Perfect Day: Pool, drinks, and friends

Amanda McGann

Post Closer

First Job: Server at a Retirement Center
Favorite Movie: I am not really a movie person as though I typically fall asleep during every movie. That being said, I am good watching anything my husband picks.
Pets: I have one dog. An Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heller) who goes by Bodhi😊
Best compliment I’ve ever received: The best compliment I have ever received is how beautiful my daughter is and that she is beyond perfect😊
Introvert or Extrovert: I am definitely and by far an introvert.
Something I’m proud of: My beautiful spunky little girl Makenna.
Favorite Smell: Fresh brewed coffee, Aspen Woods or the smell of my newborn baby
Favorite Sports Team: Being that I went to the University of Tennessee, when it comes to football I am a huge Tennessee Volunteers fan! V-O-L-S, V-O-L-S, Go Vols, Go! While being born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, when it comes to baseball, I am a Cincinnati Reds fan!
Favorite Holiday: That is too hard to pick. I love every holiday because it means I get to spend time with my family. I absolutely love Thanksgiving because I enjoy all the different food. I love Christmas, because I enjoy giving gifts and I also love Fourth of July because I like a nice BBQ on a hot summer day😊
My Perfect Day: My idea of a perfect day is waking up to my baby girl and getting time to snuggle with her while enjoying a cup of coffee followed by taking an adventure/ drive to random locations, whether it be a park, new restaurant or just driving with my husband, little girl and our sweet dog and ending with coming home and spending time together on the couch watching a movie/falling asleep😊

Brendan Rannings

Post Closer

First Job: Host at a restaurant
Favorite Movie: Les Misérables
Hidden Talent: I am a good gamer.
Pets: Kobi, a Siberian Husky
Favorite compliment: I am very caring.
Introvert or Extrovert: An introverted extrovert
Something I’m proud of: I am an Eagle Scout
Favorite smell: My Grandma’s Chicken Parmesan
Favorite Sports Team: I am a big fan of the Patriots, even though they aren’t good anymore.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Album: Tommy by The Who
My Perfect Day: Hanging out with my friends and maybe playing some video games, relaxing, or even just sitting outside a camper with my parents and some friends.

Debbie Cassini

Post Closer

First Job: Working at a deli
Hidden Talent/Hobbies: Relaxing either riding with my husband on our motorcycle or floating in the river or pool.
Pets: 3 dogs – Chloe, Zeus, and Lady
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Something I’m Proud of: My children
Favorite Smell: Gardenia
Favorite Sports Team: Football: Alabama/Miami Dolphins
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
My Perfect Day: Spending time with family and friends.

Makayla Halbrook

Post Closer

First Job: A “house cleaner” in the summers during high school. I would go to work with my mom and cleaned homes. It was the worst and I refused to do it after I graduated and got a car.
Favorite Movie: My favorite movie of all time is Tangled.
Hobbies: I really like baking, crafting, and I’m getting back into aquarium keeping.
Pets: I have 2 dogs. One is a Catahoula named Autumn, who’s 15. Then I just adopted a black lab mix named Rona a few months ago. She’s a year and a half and a total terror. I love her to death. Finally, I have a betta fish named Juniper and will be acquiring more fish as I recently got 2 more fish tanks.
Favorite Received Compliment: I’ve been told I’m good at giving gifts.
Introvert or Extrovert: I am most definitely an introvert.
Something I’m proud of: I’m proud of myself and how far I’ve come in the past year.
Favorite Smell: Fresh Laundry or freshly brewed coffee.
Favorite Holiday: I love all holidays, but my ultimate favorite is Christmas! I love giving gifts. It’s so personal and seeing other people light up when they open a present makes me feel so good. Also, I just really like all the pretty lights.
Favorite Music Album: Personally, I think the best music album is Folklore by Taylor Swift. Mostly because I just really love Taylor Swift.
My Perfect Day: The perfect day starts with waking up refreshed and getting to enjoy the morning. The weather to be chilly with a crisp breeze but sunny so that you can feel the sun rays all the way to your toes. I need to spend the day outside and not have to rush around and be somewhere. Just a day to relax and not stress about what I need to be getting done that day.

Nikole Beck


First Job: Lifeguard at the YMCA
Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Hidden Talent: I sing, and I have some songs on YouTube.
Pets: Two 6-year-old boxers. Rousey and Laila.
Favorite Received Compliment: When my daughter heard a Halsey song and thought it was my song.
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Something I’m Proud of: My daughter
Favorite Smell: Chrome men’s cologne
Favorite Sports Team: SF Giants for baseball, KC Chiefs for football

Michelle Muir

Administrative Assistant

First Job: Babysitting before I could legally work and then a bagger at Gooding’s
Favorite Movie: This is a hard one because I love movies but at the top of the list would be Steel Magnolias because it inspired one of my daughter’s names.
Best compliment I’ve ever received: When my daughter’s tell me I am the best mom ever 😊
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Something I’m proud of: My two daughter’s Shelby and Riley and my late husband James. Watching him battle cancer for 6 years and fighting for every day he could get with me and our daughters was a true inspiration and I was so proud to be his wife!
Favorite Smell: Fresh baked cookies and coffee
Favorite Sports Team: I am not a big sports fan but I always cheer for Penn State in honor of my late husband James who graduated from Penn State.
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving because I love being with my family and of course the food that you only get once a year.
Favorite Music Album: I don’t have a favorite album but love country music.
My Perfect Day: Any day I can spend on vacation with family and/or friends.

Emily Stevens

Marketing Assistant

My First Job: I was a nanny for a family and a preschool teacher!
Favorite Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Or the Lord of the Rings series!!
Hidden talents/hobbies: I can sing and dance, I love to draw and paint, and I’m a big gamer, I used to compete in gaming tournaments!
Pets: I have two cats named Mittens and Eilonwy, I have a husky named Loki, and I have a bird named Fawkes! (I know, I have a whole zoo!)
Favorite Compliment: “You really do have such a kind heart; it reminds me a lot of God’s heart.”
Introvert/Extrovert: I am an extrovert with introvert tendencies!
Something I’m proud of: My family, and my best friend.
Favorite smell: I would have to say either the smell of fire, rain, or cherry blossoms!
Favorite sports team: KC Chief and the KC Royals baby!!!
Favorite holiday: Christmas! I love the lights, snow, and how everyone is just a little happier around Christmas time!!
Favorite music album: Smile by Eve! And anything by Will Stetson or Trickle!!
My perfect day: A cool sunny day in the morning. Enjoy a picnic, exploring new places with those I hold dear, and just spending time together. And for the evening a rainy, stormy night with a cup of hot tea by a fire and either read a book or watch a movie!